The Pima Alano Club
Who and Where We Are

The Pima Alano Club provides Alcoholics Anonymous groups and meetings with a safe, central meeting location as well as a place for clean and sober social events. Other twelve-step recovery groups are also welcome to rent space for their meetings.

Founded in 1946, The Pima Alano Club, Inc. moved to its current location in 1970 and is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) Arizona Corporation owned by its General Membership and governed by an elected Board of Directors.

There is no connection whatsoever, direct or indirect, between The Pima Alano Club and AA or any other twelve-step recovery group. That is, The Pima Alano Club is not AA and AA is not The Pima Alano Club.

The only requirement for membership in an AA group is a desire to stop drinking, according to AA traditions, and AA is always there for any alcoholic seeking sobriety. AA traditions further state that there are no dues or fees for AA membership and that an AA group is self-supporting through its own contributions. Each AA group does have expenses and pays rent to The Pima Alano Club for meeting space just as that AA group would pay a church, hospital, school or other facility in which it might rent space for its meetings.

There are membership dues and qualifications for belonging to The Pima Alano Club and you are encouraged to become a member. Membership dues keep The Pima Alano Club open to help you maintain and enjoy your sobriety. The Pima Alano Club always wants and needs new members. And if you cannot afford the monthly $15.00 Pima Alano Club dues, you can donate time to The Pima Alano Club in lieu of dues.

Please see a Pima Alano Club Steward for more information about membership.

And enjoy your sobriety!

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